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Heart Health

Clinical trials for cardiovascular supporting natural products

Consumers are willing to invest in heart health nutraceuticals that can deliver on their claims. The largest deciding factor when a consumer chooses a brand is clinical evidence. Standing out in this market requires clinical trials to produce the scientific proof these consumers require. 

Natural product heart health studies often span multiple years or even decades, requiring thousands of participants. These trials are expensive and impractical for most natural products. But heart health trials don't have to be multi-year and multi-million dollar endeavors. 

Cutting-edge, intelligent research designs can achieve the same goal for a fraction of the price in less than a year. Our expert scientists at Nutraceuticals Research Institute create customized RCT protocols capable of demonstrating your products most powerful effects. This forward-thinking approach to clinical research provides you better results that are faster and more affordable. 


Consumers of heart health supplements typically have specific end goals in mind. They are worried about the effects aging may have on their blood pressure or cholesterol and want to give their cardiovascular system as much support as they can. 

The right clinical trial creates consumer trust, giving them confidence that your product actually boosts brain health. Many clinical trials, however, focus on outcomes that don't matter to your customers, or fail to capture real world effects that translate to consumer benefits.

Our cardiovascular health studies include a myriad of key outcomes, ensuring that you not only substantiate your product claims, but also that you are able to quantify just how much your product boosts heart and vascular health. Some of the most common outcome measures we evaluate include EKG, heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. 

Many clinical trials have bloated infrastructure, requiring participants to come on site and have their heart rate and blood pressure checked in-person. Not only does this add unnecessarily to your study's cost, it delivers less-than-accurate results. Studies repeatedly show that the stress and hassle of on-site visits increase heart rate and blood pressure. Errors in these critical measures can result in trial failure.  

Instead of time-consuming and budget-heavy on-site visits, we take advantage of modern technology to capture ongoing cardiovascular outcomes through smart watches or other wearable medical technology. Not only does this provide real-world results, it also provides multiple measures, ensuring accuracy. 

In other words, we accurately capture your product's effects in real world settings‚Äďjust like how your consumers will self-evaluate these benefits. We produce solid evidence that your product maintains healthy cholesterol levels, supports healthy blood pressure, and protects disruptions to heart rate. This allows you to make claims related to the real world benefits that your customers need most.¬†



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